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A Tribute To Tomo!


Just for a laugh myself and Mark96 thought it would be funny to pay tribute to long serving team member xTOMOx, by changing out avatars to match his. You can see the results of this in the image above.


Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas guys, have fun!

Update [23/10/08]

[Tomo’s Saints Row 2 Character]

Just a small post to update you guys on what is going on with us right now:

Mark’s Xbox:
Mark96’s Xbox 360 gave him a E74 error and had to be sent in for repair. Fortunately he just received an e-mail saying that the console has been repaired and is now being shipped back to him. So he should be back online any day now.

The Christmas Clusterfuck:
There wont be alot posted here in the next few weeks because we’re in the middle of the Christmas Clusterfuck. A lot of our time will be spent playing new games that are being shoved down our throats over this holiday season. One of the titles due to emerge on the 7th Nov is Gears 2. When that hits we hope to be able to organize some nice clan matches, so stay tuned for those.

Saints Row 2:
Saints Row 2 was released and we all bought a copy (except for Mark96, due to the above reasons) and myself and Tomo have been murdering the co-op mode. Unfortunately Volition thought it would be a great idea to remove the fantastic game modes introduced and Saints 1 (such as Protect Tha Pimp, Blinged Out Ride & Big Ass Chains) and replace them with a mode called Strong Arm, which involves players trying to complete a mixture of activities to earn cash and win the game. Then to top it all off they removed clan support! Which really rattled my cage. We were hoping to defend our title and beat our previous leaderboard record (7th), but that’s never gonna happen now.

Anyway, moving on a wrapping up, here is something that myself and Tomo found whilst messing around in Saints 2’s co-op:

How to have fun online: Condemned 2

So you’ve just bought Condemned 2: Bloodshot. You love the single player game, you think the gameplay is superb and you’re scaring yourself shitless!

Then you decide to take it online, get a couple of achievements. But you find the multiplayer experience is terrible, incredibly boring and no fun what-so-ever!

“How do I make it more fun?” xTOMOx and I (Rikoshay) have the answer.

It’s called ‘Brick biting’. You find yourself a brick, lean right back and throw it up in the air. You then attempt to catch the brick with your teeth. You and your friend then laugh and take pictures!!

Watch this video and xTOMOx will show you how it’s done:

Another way to get a few giggles is to run up to your friend, lean right back, and start punching the air. It will look like your doing a celebratory jig and your friend will urinate himself with glee.

Experiment a bit and get back to me with your results!

So there you have it! Your online experience has been vastly improved and the game lifespan has been extended by at least an hour!


– Rikoshay

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