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NHL 09 [Demo Gameplay]

I was bored the other day. Remembered that I hadn’t done a YouTube video in a while and thought i’d try a little experiment. I decided to grab my webcam and start recording myself playing the Demo on my TV.

The quality starts off shakey but gets better. I thought it came out quite well. If I configure the camera a little bit better then maybe I’ll be able to do some more videos like this.

– Rikoshay


NHL 09: Be A Pro Mode

NHL 09 is not to far away now, I know it’s not an FPS and not what’s usually posted here but when watching a new trailer that arrived on the XBL marketplace this morning I learnt something awesome!

NHL 09 is now implementing a new ‘Be A Pro’ mode, which you may have seen FIFA 08, In FIFA that was all well and good, but fans of hockey and hockey games will know that you need to be doing alot more in hockey as a single player, than you do in football.

The exciting thing about this is that EA have announced that there will be a 12v12 online mode where everyone can control thier own player! NHL 09 is also allowing players to create an online team and compete against other teams online in a huge leaderboard.

This to me sounds like clan support! Something never before seen in a sports game (that I can think of).

Alot of us here at PB are fans of hockey and the NHL game, therefore we will definately be trying this feature out when the game is released on 12th September 2008.

We’ll keep you posted!


PB Mug [Small]

That’s right you can now visit our newly opened store by clicking the link titled ‘Store’ above.

We have many products at extremely reasonable prices! However some products may be set to change shortly so keep checking up on the blog!

So get in there, take a look around, give us some feedback, and spend spend spend on that PB thong you always wanted!

GTA4 – 2 Days

Only 2 more days guys!

There wont be much posted here for a little while. But expect some clan news and GTA4 impressions shortly after the game is released!

Could GTA4 be good for clan matches? Will this be PB’s new Saints Row?

We’ll let you know!




(The best place to discuss GTA4, 17 pages of info!)

How to have fun online: Condemned 2

So you’ve just bought Condemned 2: Bloodshot. You love the single player game, you think the gameplay is superb and you’re scaring yourself shitless!

Then you decide to take it online, get a couple of achievements. But you find the multiplayer experience is terrible, incredibly boring and no fun what-so-ever!

“How do I make it more fun?” xTOMOx and I (Rikoshay) have the answer.

It’s called ‘Brick biting’. You find yourself a brick, lean right back and throw it up in the air. You then attempt to catch the brick with your teeth. You and your friend then laugh and take pictures!!

Watch this video and xTOMOx will show you how it’s done:

Another way to get a few giggles is to run up to your friend, lean right back, and start punching the air. It will look like your doing a celebratory jig and your friend will urinate himself with glee.

Experiment a bit and get back to me with your results!

So there you have it! Your online experience has been vastly improved and the game lifespan has been extended by at least an hour!


– Rikoshay

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