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NHL 2K9 [Review]

On the back of the NHL 2K9 box it says that ‘The fun is back’. It’s clear right from the start that 2K Sports is going for an arcade style of gameplay. Does this work well or is it too much to pucking bear?

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NHL 09 – EA Sports Hockey League [28/09/08]

There’s not really alot of an update this week. We’ve got plenty of stats to show but there’s no media this week. It’s pretty hard to get decent videos from an online game because of the replay system. The only time we can really get a decent video is if someone scores an OT goal, which hasn’t happened alot this week because we haven’t let any games get that far! We could of course pause the game and get a replay straight after a good goal, but the amount of time it takes to upload the video would definately piss the other team off, and we don’t want to be doing that!

Most of this weeks games have been played by just Rikoshay and Mark96, mainly because we’re online the most out of the team. But we’ve done really well this week, we only taken 4 loses out of 16 games which is outstanding!

As you can see from our player stats below, Mark is scoring alot of goals for the team which is excellent, you’ll notice he’s got 65 goals from 44 games. Congratulations dude, keep up the great work!




Mark96 [RW] 44 65 16 34 394
Monkey Large [RD] 12 0 7 4 128
Rikoshay [LW] 42 10 23 32 733
SYPhill [C] 13 2 11 -7 208

Unfortunately however Phill’s record has dropped alot since last week, you need to pick up the pace dude, -7 isn’t good enough!

Our game record is getting quite large now, so posting it here is going to take up alot of space on the front page, so if you want see our full game record just click over to ‘Stats‘ in the navigation bar at the top of the page. But our current overall record is now at an outstanding:


So that’s it for this week, sorry, no video of the week as previously mentioned, but hopefully by the next update we should have some great videos for you guys!

NHL 09 [Review]

EA’s latest installment in the NHL franchise has introduced some groundbreaking features, including the new ‘Be A Pro’ mode and the EA Sports Hockey League. But does the third ‘next generation’ installment really push things to the next level like EA have been claiming?

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NHL 09 – EA Sports Hockey League [19/09/08]

Yeeeeah do the Peter Griffin Bump!

I’m updating this a little early because there’s so much to get onto the site, I was frightened if I left it til Sunday the post would be too big.

It’s been an eventful week we’ve played plenty of games and really enjoyed it! However we unfortunately broke our streak almost straight after making the previous post. In fact we’ve had quite a few loses, all because of sloppy play and people not doing as they’re told. But when we concentrate, do what we’re told.. We are unstopable!, just like we’ve always been.

So, our current line-up now includes Zamboni77, i’m not going to write the list again, but we do have some player stats for you guys!




Mark96 [RW] 26 34 10 17 248
Monkey Large [RD] 9 0 7 6 109
Rikoshay [LW] 23 5 16 19 493
SYPhill [C] 8 1 7 3 122

Key: GP = Games Played, G = Goals, A = Assists

As you can see, we have clearly got a fantastic goal scorer on our team, gabbing the majority of the goals Mark96 is definately proving his worth. We’ve all been doing our part, Monkey Large is a great team player, i’ve been getting an awful lot of hits and the majority of the assists, and SYPhil.. .. Is doing good.

We have now played 24 games as a team and we’re in division 3 as I write this. Our results follow:

Opponent Score
[Data Lost] [Data Lost]
Norwegien Devils 2-1 W

Ironmen 3-2 W

Muschi 3-0 W

Villa Allstars 2-1 W

Fribourg Dragons 2-1 W

Villa Allstars 3-2 W

KaPa 1-0 W

Karlsruh Allstars 1-2 L

Sexy Party Army 0-1 L

Exeter Fury Free 3-2 W

Team Switzerland 3-1 W

KonsoliFIN 3-2 W

Suomi Ukot 5-2 W

HC Jatkoaika 1-0 W

HC Jatkoaika 2-5 L

Half Dozen Outla 0-1 L

Suomi Ukot 3-1 W

Prinessan Lilla 2-0 W

GamereactorSE 3-1 W

HC Jatkoaika 4-1 W

7 Sorters Apa 2-3 L [OT]

Not’ham Panthers 3-0 W

OVERALL: 19-4-1

We have still got a record to be jealous of, even though we have had 5 loses, we’re still climbing up the boards and rocking NHL 09. We’ve played a couple of people twice, one team, HC Jatkoaika we have played 3 times! with out last match up seeing us spank them 4-1, and thier goal was pissy and we stopped concentrating!

Video Of The Week:

Mark ‘The Bacon Saver’ Oates strikes again with this beautiful OT goal assisted by Rikoshay. Keep up the great work dude and keep putting that crumpet at the back of the net. How does he slap it like that? It’s a mystery.

Check back again next week (Or even before) for more information about our outstanding NHL 09 campaign!

NHL 09 – EA Sports Hockey League [14/09/08]

Date: 14/09/08

So we’ve just started our NHL 09 EA Sports World Hockey League campaign! The game was released on Friday so we’ve had two days worth of gameplay our of it. We’ve gone for the jerseys of Hameenlinna HPK because of the cool logo!

As it stands the current roster is:

Mark96 [RW] [GM]
Rikoshay [LW] [GM]
MonkeyLarge [RD]
SYPhill [C]

[GM] = General Manager

We have sent out an invite to Zamboni77 but he hasn’t had chance to accept it yet.

This game is awesome! I haven’t had this much fun on an online game since Saints Row. The clan support offered in this game is fantasic, the best I have seen of any game released to date. The in-game leaderboards, stats and everything else that’s on offer needs to be done more often in video games.

Anyway, we’ve played 8 games so far, you can see our results in the table below:

Opponent Score
[Data Lost] [Data Lost]

Norwegien Devils 2-1 W

Ironmen 3-2 W

Muschi 3-0 W

Villa Allstars 2-1 W

Fribourg Dragons 2-1 W

Villa Allstars 3-2 W

KaPa 1-0 W

OVERALL: 8-0-0

So as you can see we’re doing really fucking well! Played 8 games and won every single one! As for the data lost part, the game wasn’t showing on the in-game records, but we still had the 8-0-0. So if you don’t take our word for it you can check it out in-game!

I’ll be writing regular updates about our performance about every week. So keep your eyes peeled.

We’ve got some excellent players on our team, especially Mark96, who has scored nearly every single goal for the team! But of course he wouldn’t have been able to do it without his Play Maker! We’ve really put in a team effort in these games and we’ve done a fantastic job so far. We’re not just a group of skilled individuals we are a team!

Video Of The Week:

Mark96 really saved our bacon with this fantastic OT goal. This was against Villa Allstars and won us the game!

Check back next week for more information about our NHL 09 campaign!

Xbox 360 Releases 2008 [September]

It’s just about time for the massive clusterfuck of games to be released on the Xbox 360, we had the same thing last year, you get a drought of good games right before September, and then as soon as October/November hits you get blockbuster titles being pumped out every week!

There are so many great games coming out this year and if you want to play them all you need to be rich. But it’s not just about the money, it’s about the time you have to play the games. If you’re a hardcore gamer and a game you’ve been waiting for come out, you will definitely want to pick it up on launch. The problem is when a great game comes out and is then followed by another great game, the previous game usually gets pushed to the side and you don’t get to spend the time playing the game that it deserves. The best example is Fable 2, which is to be released on 24th Oct 2008, this is a game I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, but the week after another game I’ve been eagerly anticipating is released Fallout 3.

It gets worse, some games are released on the same day, not only can most people not afford to pay £80 for two games on one day, but the situation with spending the deserved time on a good game is even worse.

Anyway, I thought I would run down the games to look out for this holiday clusterfuck and tell you what games I’ll be purchasing and why.

5th September 2008

– Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

– Infinite Undiscovery

– Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

These are all 3 games I was hoping to buy on launch day. I really enjoyed the first Mercenaries game and the second game looks fantastic. Infinite Undiscovery is a new Square Enix RPG, one of the many to be released. I really enjoy a good RPG as long as I have to time to devote to the game. As for Viva Pinata, I find this game extremely fun, it’s a nice break from shooting n00bs in Halo, sometimes it’s fun to sit down and play with some pinata.

I want all three of these games, and at some point I will be buying all 3, but on launch day I’ll only be able to get one, the game I do get will most likely be traded in the week after for a game I’ve been really looking forward to. For this reason on the 5th Sept I’ll be playing Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise.

12th September 2008

– NHL 09

Thank fuck there is only one game being released on this day, now I don’t have to make any decisions about what game to buy! I’m a fan of the NHL series, but only since NHL 07. I was introduced to the franchise by a friend and now have a keen interest in Hockey and the NHL games. NHL 09 introduces a new feature, a feature that has been used in EA’s fifa games, the ‘Be A Pro’ mode. What makes this special in NHL is that there is so much more you can do as a single player in hockey, than you can in football. There will also be a ‘Be A Pro’ career mode where you create a character and earn your stripes playing for different teams. But the most exciting part about the NHL ‘Be A Pro’ mode is the online support, the game will support 12 players online allowing 6v6 games, just like a real game of hockey. Not only that, you can create an online team and participate on the in-game leaderboards! This is a real selling point for me and that’s why I’ll be playing NHL 09 on launch!

Those are the only games that are 100% confirmed for September, I could go on and start writing about the real clusterfuck in October/November, but I’ll save that for another post!


NHL 09 [Demo Gameplay]

I was bored the other day. Remembered that I hadn’t done a YouTube video in a while and thought i’d try a little experiment. I decided to grab my webcam and start recording myself playing the Demo on my TV.

The quality starts off shakey but gets better. I thought it came out quite well. If I configure the camera a little bit better then maybe I’ll be able to do some more videos like this.

– Rikoshay

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