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Halo Wars Review

Halo wars has been developed by Ensemble Studios, who are also developers of the classic Age Of Empires games. Ensemble have a very high place in many gamers hearts and it’s unfortunate that Halo Wars is their last game due to the studio being shut down. With this being the first Halo game that’s not a first person shooter or a Halo game not being developed by Bungie, Ensemble have been put under a lot of pressure to create something special. Have they pulled it off?

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Call Of Duty 5 Beta Gameplay Footage

The Call of Duty 5 Beta was released on Friday, player who were lucky enough to reviece a beta code can download the demo on the xbox live marketplace and get a sneak peek at Call of Duty 5’s multiplayer.

I was lucky enough to recieve a Beta code and have recorded a few videos for you guys! I managed to get some good quality footage of all of the maps supplied in the Beta (3) and you can see some of the new features such as the dogs and vehicles. I also recorded the main menu and show some of the new perks and weapons you can expect to see in the full game.

There are 3 videos all together, click the link below to view them all!

(They take up too much space on the front page)

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NHL 09 [Review]

EA’s latest installment in the NHL franchise has introduced some groundbreaking features, including the new ‘Be A Pro’ mode and the EA Sports Hockey League. But does the third ‘next generation’ installment really push things to the next level like EA have been claiming?

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MSXBOX-World Awarded XCN Site Of The Month

Our good friends over at MSXBOX-World have been awarded with the XCN Site Of The Month Award on the newly designed comunity page!

You can view the page by clicking HERE.

I think everyone will agree that this is a massive boost for the team at MSXBW, they all put in alot of effort into providing an excellent service for it’s users, offering unique services such as thier Instant Win competitions and Gaming Nights. The forums on the website are full of polite and intelignet 360 users with interesting threads to read and reply to. MSXBW excel at providing excellent reviews and previews that cover everything that the reader wants to know!

Congratulations MSXBOX-World, you guys earned it!


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MSXBW Live Event: GTA 4 [August ’08]

Another gaming night has been announced, almost straight after the recent Halo 3 event.

If you don’t already know, our friends over at MSXBOX-World host gaming nights every month to bring the community together for a few games. The game chosen varies each month and prizes are given to participants who do well!

It costs nothing to join in and is well worth while, they’re allot of fun and who knows, you might get some prizes out of it!

Details on how to enter can be found at the bottom of this post! Hope to see everyone there!

Waynimus of MSXBOX-World has this to say:

Game: GTA IV
Date/Time: August 9th – from 7p.m.

Hot off the heels of our recent Hao 3 Event, we are hosting another MSXBOX-WORLD Community Gaming Night, and for the second time we’ll be revisiting Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV. For those of you that are ready to tear it up online, post your interest below and we’ll see you in Liberty City come August 9th where prizes will once again be available.

For greater convenience you can simply click HERE to add MSXBOX WORLD to your Xbox LIVE Friends List (be signed into with your gamertag). Please note that you may receive a game invite from any of the staff here, and this may not be from the MSXBOX WORLD gamertag. The new gamertag’s purpose is for storing Gamer Night participants tags on their, so we can easily access the list and send a game invite when due. Any news and/or update messages regarding these events will be sent from this gamertag to all gamers that have posted their interest in taking part.


Registering for the event could not be easier! All you need to do is make a post in THIS THREAD.

If you haven’t registered to use the forums yet (all of you should have done by now!) you can register by clicking HERE. Once registered you can then post in the thread!

I’ll see you there!

MSXBW Live Event: Halo 3 [July ’08] Results

It was a shame that not all clan members could make it, only myself and LCDking were able to play. The night was a good laugh.

Only 3 prizes were on offer for the event, and because great talents such as Lithane and Vicktacular made an appearance the competition was extremely tough!

There was no suprise when the final results were announced

1st place: Lithane

2nd place: Vicktacular

3rd place: Rikoshay

Congratulations to Lithane and Vicktacular, they really did show outstanding skill and performed to a very high standard. We all have the up-most respect for you guys!

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4 Years of Piercing Bullets

So today’s our 4 year anniversary and to celebrate i’ve created a HALO 3 MAP! to mark the occasion:

You can download the map from my fileshare by clicking HERE


Now we were going to hold a gaming night to celebrate, but being as we’re going to be playing in the tournament over at MSXBW this saturday, this is no longer happening.

This last year has been slow and we haven’t achieved as much as we have in previous years, but this is all going to change in the coming months. We have something very special going on in our team, we have fantastic members with skill, but most importantly we’re all dedicated people, we put our best into everything we attempt. We’re loyal to the people around us and have built up a strong friendship in the past 4 years, and for this we should be proud.

We’re the greatest team in existence, not because of our skill, but because of our friendship!

I’m honoured to have you all in our team, and priviledged to have your friendship.

Happy Birthday guys!!

– Rikoshay

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