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Five free maps for Gears 2 on Launch!

We all know that Gears Of War 2 is going to come with 10 multiplayer maps. Well now Epic have bumped up that number to 15 with the announcement that 5 classic maps are going to be included with the game in the form of a redeemable voucher.

The Flashback Map Pack will included new polished re-makes of Canals, Gridlock, Mansion, Subway, and Tyro Station from the original Gears Of War.

Best of all this is all free, but of course, people who buy the game pre-owned at a later date won’t be able to use the code, and there’s no information about whether the map pack will also be available to purchase on the XBL Marketplace. Could this be a clever marketing ploy by Epic to make sure that people still buy the game new after launch? Who cares, it’s free maps!


MSXBW Live Event: Halo 3 [July ’08] Results

It was a shame that not all clan members could make it, only myself and LCDking were able to play. The night was a good laugh.

Only 3 prizes were on offer for the event, and because great talents such as Lithane and Vicktacular made an appearance the competition was extremely tough!

There was no suprise when the final results were announced

1st place: Lithane

2nd place: Vicktacular

3rd place: Rikoshay

Congratulations to Lithane and Vicktacular, they really did show outstanding skill and performed to a very high standard. We all have the up-most respect for you guys!

You can discuss this event by clicking HERE

MSXBW Live Event: Halo 3 [July ’08]

Horray another gaming night, and on Halo 3 again!

If you don’t already know, our friends over at MSXBOX-World host gaming nights every month to bring the community together for a few games. The game chosen varies each month and prizes are given to participants who do well!

It costs nothing to join in and is well worth while, they’re allot of fun and who knows, you might get some prizes out of it!

Details on how to enter can be found at the bottom of this post! Hope to see everyone there!

Wayne of MSXBOX-World had this to say:

-The Game-
Halo 3
-The Date/Time-
July 19th – from 7p.m.

What’s this? A gaming night? Yes, get a post in!! We’re getting back into the Halo mood here at msxbox-world thanks to the recent Bungie Day and them giving all of us another reason to jump online and shoot at each other by them releasing the new free map, Cold Storage. What more could you want than to tea-bag the msxbox staff? Well, we just so happen to have some Xbox 360 games to giveaway too, we’ve not worked out yet how we’re going to be giving these away. As always we’ll come up with something to make sure that everyone taking part has a good time and stands a chance at bagging a prize.

We’ll be using our MSXBOX WORLD gamertag yet again, so make sure that you add this to your friend’s list as well as posting here. The purpose for the gamertag is so none of us have to sort through a load of friends (potentially removing people) to invite participants, so it makes it much easier just to have everyone taking part to be a friend on the MSXBOX WORLD gamertag.

You can simply click here to add MSXBOX WORLD to your Xbox LIVE Friends List (be signed into with your gamertag). Please note that you may receive a game invite from any of the staff here, and this may not be from the MSXBOX WORLD gamertag. The new gamertag’s purpose is for storing Gamer Night participants tags, so we can easily access the list and send a game invite when due. Any news and/or update messages regarding the event will be sent from this gamertag to all gamers that have posted their interest in taking part.

Note: This event is open only to UK gamers. Please make sure you have downloaded all the available FREE multiplayer map packs for Halo 3 before the event is due to take place, this includes the new Cold Storage map as well as the Heroic Map Pack.


Registering for the event could not be easier! All you need to do is make a post in THIS THREAD.

If you haven’t registered to use the forums yet (all of you should have done by now!) you can register by clicking HERE. Once registered you can then post in the thread!

Hope to see everyone there.. Especially team members!!

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