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Gears Of War 2 Patch Hits!

Title update 2 for Gears Of War 2 has finally arrived addressing a number of issues with the online multiplayer. The patch seems to have fixed a huge amount of glitches and exploits which is going to make the online experience much more enjoyable again. The glitches were really starting to piss me off and I stopped playing for a while, but now I hope to play more with the arrival of this latest update.

Epic has released this list of the problems that have been addressed in Title Update 2:

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Xbox 360 Releases 2008 [September]

It’s just about time for the massive clusterfuck of games to be released on the Xbox 360, we had the same thing last year, you get a drought of good games right before September, and then as soon as October/November hits you get blockbuster titles being pumped out every week!

There are so many great games coming out this year and if you want to play them all you need to be rich. But it’s not just about the money, it’s about the time you have to play the games. If you’re a hardcore gamer and a game you’ve been waiting for come out, you will definitely want to pick it up on launch. The problem is when a great game comes out and is then followed by another great game, the previous game usually gets pushed to the side and you don’t get to spend the time playing the game that it deserves. The best example is Fable 2, which is to be released on 24th Oct 2008, this is a game I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, but the week after another game I’ve been eagerly anticipating is released Fallout 3.

It gets worse, some games are released on the same day, not only can most people not afford to pay £80 for two games on one day, but the situation with spending the deserved time on a good game is even worse.

Anyway, I thought I would run down the games to look out for this holiday clusterfuck and tell you what games I’ll be purchasing and why.

5th September 2008

– Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

– Infinite Undiscovery

– Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

These are all 3 games I was hoping to buy on launch day. I really enjoyed the first Mercenaries game and the second game looks fantastic. Infinite Undiscovery is a new Square Enix RPG, one of the many to be released. I really enjoy a good RPG as long as I have to time to devote to the game. As for Viva Pinata, I find this game extremely fun, it’s a nice break from shooting n00bs in Halo, sometimes it’s fun to sit down and play with some pinata.

I want all three of these games, and at some point I will be buying all 3, but on launch day I’ll only be able to get one, the game I do get will most likely be traded in the week after for a game I’ve been really looking forward to. For this reason on the 5th Sept I’ll be playing Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise.

12th September 2008

– NHL 09

Thank fuck there is only one game being released on this day, now I don’t have to make any decisions about what game to buy! I’m a fan of the NHL series, but only since NHL 07. I was introduced to the franchise by a friend and now have a keen interest in Hockey and the NHL games. NHL 09 introduces a new feature, a feature that has been used in EA’s fifa games, the ‘Be A Pro’ mode. What makes this special in NHL is that there is so much more you can do as a single player in hockey, than you can in football. There will also be a ‘Be A Pro’ career mode where you create a character and earn your stripes playing for different teams. But the most exciting part about the NHL ‘Be A Pro’ mode is the online support, the game will support 12 players online allowing 6v6 games, just like a real game of hockey. Not only that, you can create an online team and participate on the in-game leaderboards! This is a real selling point for me and that’s why I’ll be playing NHL 09 on launch!

Those are the only games that are 100% confirmed for September, I could go on and start writing about the real clusterfuck in October/November, but I’ll save that for another post!


NHL 09 [Demo Gameplay]

I was bored the other day. Remembered that I hadn’t done a YouTube video in a while and thought i’d try a little experiment. I decided to grab my webcam and start recording myself playing the Demo on my TV.

The quality starts off shakey but gets better. I thought it came out quite well. If I configure the camera a little bit better then maybe I’ll be able to do some more videos like this.

– Rikoshay

NHL 09: Be A Pro Mode

NHL 09 is not to far away now, I know it’s not an FPS and not what’s usually posted here but when watching a new trailer that arrived on the XBL marketplace this morning I learnt something awesome!

NHL 09 is now implementing a new ‘Be A Pro’ mode, which you may have seen FIFA 08, In FIFA that was all well and good, but fans of hockey and hockey games will know that you need to be doing alot more in hockey as a single player, than you do in football.

The exciting thing about this is that EA have announced that there will be a 12v12 online mode where everyone can control thier own player! NHL 09 is also allowing players to create an online team and compete against other teams online in a huge leaderboard.

This to me sounds like clan support! Something never before seen in a sports game (that I can think of).

Alot of us here at PB are fans of hockey and the NHL game, therefore we will definately be trying this feature out when the game is released on 12th September 2008.

We’ll keep you posted!

4 Year Anniversary on 16th July 2008

Not too far away now guys! It’ll be four years on the 16th July ’08

I feel like we should do something special! Give me suggestions!


Update [29/06/08]

It’s been a while since the webpage has been updated and the clan has been neglected the last month or two. This keeps happening and it’s not good, but allot has been going on in all of our social lives and we’ve simply had no time!

Myself and LCDking have been very busy with college work but our academic year is coming to an end now and during the summer everyone is going to have allot more spare time!

Battlefield: Bad Company
Now this has just been released and I was hoping to be able to start some clan matches with this game. Unfortunately EA suck a big one and have left out allot of online features in the full game. There is no option in BF:BC to host a private match, all games have to be played using the matchmaking system. This makes it impossible to arrange any form of clan match.
However it does look like EA are going to be heavily supporting BF:BC. It’s been announced that a new game mode will be patched in shortly and clan support may be added in a later patch! I hate to be pessimistic but previous experiences with EA have taught me that they’re fuckers when it comes to supporting a game, but only time will tell with this one!

Website Content
I’m sure you’ve all noticed my experimental videos floating around. They don’t take me a massive ammount of time to complete and they’re bringing in allot of page views for us! I’ll continue making the videos when I see fit but during the summer the clan is my main proirity.

All of us involved in the team have always been close. I want that to show on our webpage! So i’m hoping that some of you guys can write articles from time to time to help contribute to the team website! It’s easy enough to do and we’re all more than capable. I’ll speak with you guys about it soon and hopefully we can get some great content running on here!

Clan Matches
During the summer we will be playing allot more clan matches! I’ve been talking to quite a few lads to arrange a few games outside of leaderboards such as GameBattles. In the next couple of weeks i’ll start contacting people and arranging clan matches.

I’ll keep everyone posted as usual!

We have a superb team, some of the most experienced players on Xbox Live. That probably comes across big headed but fuck it! We are! When we play as a team, everyone on form, plenty of practice before a game we are unstopable! It’s about time we conquered the world boys!!


MSXBW Live Event: GTA4 – Results

The tenth MSXBW Live Event kicked off at 7pm on Saturday 17th March ’08. This time we gathered to play the blockbuster game Grand Theft Auto 4, an obvious choice really. There wasn’t allot of interest shown in the event because initially no prizes were announced, the players able to attended were:

Teh Jocko
and one other guy.. something lee? I’ve forgoten the name!

The night kicked off with some confusion from ShadowMask (Rob Cram), he couldn’t quite figure out how to set up games the way we wanted due to the shoddy multiplayer ‘menu’. Once everything was sorted we had some great games, Mafiya Work and Car Jack City were allot of fun and the Cannonball Run was entertaining. Most of the night was dominated by races which did get a bit tedious, the boat and helicopter races were long and boring however the ice cream truck and fire engine race was allot of fun!
We then ventured into some free roam where allot of people ducked out without saying goodbye!
With just Rikoshay, Waynimus, LCDking and CrimsonSlam left we proceeded to hold up a Burger Shot with a 4* wanted level, Jump off buildings into helicopter blades to see how far they’d sling us! and try to get scooters up 20 flights of stairs (just so we cound ride them off the building!) In my opinion the most fun was had in the free roam, very relaxed and a good laugh!

The following day Waynimus announced a secret prize (very sneaky) which was awarded to Silesky for being the most concistent player. Silesky claims one free Xbox Live Arcade Game.

So in future guys, when no prizes are announced there still could be something they’re hiding so always check for the monthly live events over at MSXBOX World!

Overall a very entertaining night, beats hunting pidgeons any day!

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