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Halo 3 : Recon! [Expansion Details]

Bungie have shown a brand new trailer at TGS 08. Watch:

Did you shit your pants? I did

So from the trailer we know it will be a prequel to the events in Halo 3, you will be playing as an ODST, and we can expect a release next year! (Fall 09)

New Hero, New Campaign, Prepare To Drop!

EDIT: Some new information has come to light this morning courtesy of Kotaku. It has been confirmed that Halo 3: Recon will NOT be downloadable content or come as part of a title update. The game will be a stand alone release meaning you’ll be buying it on disc from a game store. This also means that those achievements that have been added to Halo 3 have nothing to do with Halo 3: Recon. The game will come with its own 1000 gamerscore.

You can find more information at Kotaku

EDIT 2: Bungie have cleared up a few more questions in their weekly update. You can view these after the jump!

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Bungie weekly update reveals option to retrieve save films on PC!

The latest Bungie Weekly Update has revealed some interesting information regarding saved films.

I’ve always wanted to be able to retrieve my saved films from Halo to view on my PC. Without the need for expensive gear and unlimited hard drive space. Well now Bungie have answered mine (and many other fan’s) prayers and are now allowing the option to ‘Render Video’ and retrieve the file in WMV format


And that new feature is? Render-to-video! At long last, you won’t need to have a video capture card to free your saved film from the confines of your Xbox. Integrated right into the file-sharing experience alongside current features like “Copy to My File Share” and “Download to Halo 3” will be “Render to Video” where your short Saved Films or Film Clips (length and quantity to be determined) can come to life as a computer-playable WMV file which can be downloaded to your computer, or seen on alongside other game content like your Screenshots.

We’re still finalizing quite a few implementation details and trying to determine at what temperature a server melts into a pool of slag that will drip through the datacenter floor. So stay tuned over the next few weeks as we get those last details sorted out. In the mean time, enjoy the Title Update, and keep that great content on your file shares.

So it looks like that the system will simply convert the file into WMV so that you can download it to PC. But there’s no mention of a system that allows you to stream the media direct from But that’s no bother, that’s what YouTube is for!

I always wondered why Bungie never implemented this from the start, it’s a huge step for the game, but it’s a shame that it’s come this late as most people have moved on from Halo.

It says at the bottom of that quote to stay tuned to the weekly update for the next few weeks, and that there’s still a few things they need to sort before implementation. So I’ll bet we see it at some point before christmas, giving us something else to look forward to!

Also mentioned in the update is that fact that Luke and Brian are in Tokyo for TGS. So could we hear more about the higly anticipated expansion pack at TGS? I hope so.

Bungie Weekly Update 03/10/08

Halo 3 Expansion Revealed – Prepare To Drop!

As some of you may know, Bungie took down their homepage again about 14 hours ago and replaced it with the countdown (again!) but this time it was able to finish and we were presented with this!

This looks like a Halo 3 expansion. I know this because this video is also available on the marketplace and in the description it says ‘Players get ready for the new Halo 3 campaign experience with this new teaser trailer. Prepare to drop’

Another thought, It would make sense if they included the six new multiplayer maps (that we saw in the achievements) with the expansion. Whatever we get i’m sure it’s going to cost around 2000+ points, but will be well worth it. After all it’s Bungie!

Thoughts? I think this is amazing and well worth waiting for that countdown to finish, but then again i’m a huge Halo-fag.


Something is happening over at

Keep your eyes peeled, it’s kicking off again.

It’s been going on since Friday, but with AU2 coming tomorrow for Halo 3 and the 25th being Halo 3’s Birthday something is sure to happen on either of these days.

Check out the latest news post on the homepage, also look at the forums associated with that page, some great theories flying around in there, and most importantly check out their Webcams!

Please remain calm!


Spartan Porn

Here are a bunch of screenshots that were collected over at Hawty McBloggy.

These really made me laugh, and when you think about it, the people who’ve taken these screenshots have gone to alot of effort!

Some people eh?

Click to enlarge images:

MSXBW Live Event: Halo 3 [July ’08] Results

It was a shame that not all clan members could make it, only myself and LCDking were able to play. The night was a good laugh.

Only 3 prizes were on offer for the event, and because great talents such as Lithane and Vicktacular made an appearance the competition was extremely tough!

There was no suprise when the final results were announced

1st place: Lithane

2nd place: Vicktacular

3rd place: Rikoshay

Congratulations to Lithane and Vicktacular, they really did show outstanding skill and performed to a very high standard. We all have the up-most respect for you guys!

You can discuss this event by clicking HERE

4 Years of Piercing Bullets

So today’s our 4 year anniversary and to celebrate i’ve created a HALO 3 MAP! to mark the occasion:

You can download the map from my fileshare by clicking HERE


Now we were going to hold a gaming night to celebrate, but being as we’re going to be playing in the tournament over at MSXBW this saturday, this is no longer happening.

This last year has been slow and we haven’t achieved as much as we have in previous years, but this is all going to change in the coming months. We have something very special going on in our team, we have fantastic members with skill, but most importantly we’re all dedicated people, we put our best into everything we attempt. We’re loyal to the people around us and have built up a strong friendship in the past 4 years, and for this we should be proud.

We’re the greatest team in existence, not because of our skill, but because of our friendship!

I’m honoured to have you all in our team, and priviledged to have your friendship.

Happy Birthday guys!!

– Rikoshay

The Piercing Bullets

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