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A Tribute To Tomo!


Just for a laugh myself and Mark96 thought it would be funny to pay tribute to long serving team member xTOMOx, by changing out avatars to match his. You can see the results of this in the image above.


Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas guys, have fun!

MSXBW Live Event: GTA4 – Results

The tenth MSXBW Live Event kicked off at 7pm on Saturday 17th March ’08. This time we gathered to play the blockbuster game Grand Theft Auto 4, an obvious choice really. There wasn’t allot of interest shown in the event because initially no prizes were announced, the players able to attended were:

Teh Jocko
and one other guy.. something lee? I’ve forgoten the name!

The night kicked off with some confusion from ShadowMask (Rob Cram), he couldn’t quite figure out how to set up games the way we wanted due to the shoddy multiplayer ‘menu’. Once everything was sorted we had some great games, Mafiya Work and Car Jack City were allot of fun and the Cannonball Run was entertaining. Most of the night was dominated by races which did get a bit tedious, the boat and helicopter races were long and boring however the ice cream truck and fire engine race was allot of fun!
We then ventured into some free roam where allot of people ducked out without saying goodbye!
With just Rikoshay, Waynimus, LCDking and CrimsonSlam left we proceeded to hold up a Burger Shot with a 4* wanted level, Jump off buildings into helicopter blades to see how far they’d sling us! and try to get scooters up 20 flights of stairs (just so we cound ride them off the building!) In my opinion the most fun was had in the free roam, very relaxed and a good laugh!

The following day Waynimus announced a secret prize (very sneaky) which was awarded to Silesky for being the most concistent player. Silesky claims one free Xbox Live Arcade Game.

So in future guys, when no prizes are announced there still could be something they’re hiding so always check for the monthly live events over at MSXBOX World!

Overall a very entertaining night, beats hunting pidgeons any day!

How to have fun online: Condemned 2

So you’ve just bought Condemned 2: Bloodshot. You love the single player game, you think the gameplay is superb and you’re scaring yourself shitless!

Then you decide to take it online, get a couple of achievements. But you find the multiplayer experience is terrible, incredibly boring and no fun what-so-ever!

“How do I make it more fun?” xTOMOx and I (Rikoshay) have the answer.

It’s called ‘Brick biting’. You find yourself a brick, lean right back and throw it up in the air. You then attempt to catch the brick with your teeth. You and your friend then laugh and take pictures!!

Watch this video and xTOMOx will show you how it’s done:

Another way to get a few giggles is to run up to your friend, lean right back, and start punching the air. It will look like your doing a celebratory jig and your friend will urinate himself with glee.

Experiment a bit and get back to me with your results!

So there you have it! Your online experience has been vastly improved and the game lifespan has been extended by at least an hour!


– Rikoshay


So i’m playing Gears of War Co-Op with Wayne, a staff member at MSXBOX-World.. When this happens:

It’s 1am and i’m playing Gears co-op with my buddy Wayne.. We are on the section where the kryl are coming out and you have to push the flaming car down the hill.. We proceed to fight off the locust.. I’m taking cover behing the burning car, and when we killed all the locust, the car flew up into the air and started spinning!!

The quality on this video is terrible, it was shot with my mobile phone, I just grabbed it and hit record =P

After this, loads of strange stuff kept happening, planks were doing the same thing along wiht other objects.. I think my copy of Gears is possesed!!


Strange right?

Discuss in MSXBOX-World Forums!

XBL Trash: Omidio

Do you remember a time when XBL first started? When everyone was pleased to be talking to each other, before all the trash talk and idiots, it was a friendly and enjoyable activity playing on XBL. 3 years on, and things are very different, you can’t go one night without some idiot trying to start a riot. We here at PB are getting sick of it.

Wilst we were playing Call of Duty 4 on xbox live, we enocountered some west london rude boy scum mouthing off to everyone, we obviously told him to shut up, as you do, but that induced this vulgar and highly offensive rant. I grabed my phone and recorded what was being said and uploaded it to youtube:

This is disgusting, the fellow involved is known as “omidio”. In a bid to stop this vulgar and disgusting behaviour over XBL we are going to try and name and shame most people who do this sort of crap!

Feel free to send this idiot XBL messages, let him know what you think!

I have forwarded the recording to Xbox Customer Support in hope of getting rid of this idiot from XBL.

We shouldn’t take crap from these people, they are doing it because they can get away with it, which is very wrong. So let’s hit them where it hurts in a attempt to rid these fuckers from our XBL.

More information to be given soon.


As most of you know, in the new Turok game, you can use the bow to pin enemies against the wall, which does look very funny.

Well Tomo, our resident god managed to place an excellent shot on 3 people! Pinning them all against the wall in a line!

We have a picture, and it simply had to be shared:

Great job Tomo!

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