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The Storm Has Passed

The team blog hasn’t been updated in a while. The last post was October 30th, the last week before the clusterfuck of games were released. From Novemeber 7th up until December we’ve had 3-4 titles being released every week, all games that have been higly anticipated. This is the main reason that there hasn’t been much in the way of updates, we’ve simply spent all of our spare time playing these new releases.

But it’s getting to the stage now when games are being released at a much slower pace, giving everyone a chance to rest and play the christmas releases. So now updates should be more frequent because more spare time will be invested into the blog.

We’ve done no clan matches, there is no major news, updates or anything like that. We’ve just been doing what we do best.. Playing games!

However you will notice that we have a new banner! Avatars were introduced in the lastest dashboard update, making the old gamercards redundant. Thefore we thought it would be best to change the banner to include our avatars! If you’re confused by whos avatar is whos here’s a breakdown:

(From left to right) Erdal6, LCDking, Rikoshay, Mark96, xTOMOx

– Rikoshay


Update [23/10/08]

[Tomo’s Saints Row 2 Character]

Just a small post to update you guys on what is going on with us right now:

Mark’s Xbox:
Mark96’s Xbox 360 gave him a E74 error and had to be sent in for repair. Fortunately he just received an e-mail saying that the console has been repaired and is now being shipped back to him. So he should be back online any day now.

The Christmas Clusterfuck:
There wont be alot posted here in the next few weeks because we’re in the middle of the Christmas Clusterfuck. A lot of our time will be spent playing new games that are being shoved down our throats over this holiday season. One of the titles due to emerge on the 7th Nov is Gears 2. When that hits we hope to be able to organize some nice clan matches, so stay tuned for those.

Saints Row 2:
Saints Row 2 was released and we all bought a copy (except for Mark96, due to the above reasons) and myself and Tomo have been murdering the co-op mode. Unfortunately Volition thought it would be a great idea to remove the fantastic game modes introduced and Saints 1 (such as Protect Tha Pimp, Blinged Out Ride & Big Ass Chains) and replace them with a mode called Strong Arm, which involves players trying to complete a mixture of activities to earn cash and win the game. Then to top it all off they removed clan support! Which really rattled my cage. We were hoping to defend our title and beat our previous leaderboard record (7th), but that’s never gonna happen now.

Anyway, moving on a wrapping up, here is something that myself and Tomo found whilst messing around in Saints 2’s co-op:

NHL 09 – EA Sports Hockey League [14/09/08]

Date: 14/09/08

So we’ve just started our NHL 09 EA Sports World Hockey League campaign! The game was released on Friday so we’ve had two days worth of gameplay our of it. We’ve gone for the jerseys of Hameenlinna HPK because of the cool logo!

As it stands the current roster is:

Mark96 [RW] [GM]
Rikoshay [LW] [GM]
MonkeyLarge [RD]
SYPhill [C]

[GM] = General Manager

We have sent out an invite to Zamboni77 but he hasn’t had chance to accept it yet.

This game is awesome! I haven’t had this much fun on an online game since Saints Row. The clan support offered in this game is fantasic, the best I have seen of any game released to date. The in-game leaderboards, stats and everything else that’s on offer needs to be done more often in video games.

Anyway, we’ve played 8 games so far, you can see our results in the table below:

Opponent Score
[Data Lost] [Data Lost]

Norwegien Devils 2-1 W

Ironmen 3-2 W

Muschi 3-0 W

Villa Allstars 2-1 W

Fribourg Dragons 2-1 W

Villa Allstars 3-2 W

KaPa 1-0 W

OVERALL: 8-0-0

So as you can see we’re doing really fucking well! Played 8 games and won every single one! As for the data lost part, the game wasn’t showing on the in-game records, but we still had the 8-0-0. So if you don’t take our word for it you can check it out in-game!

I’ll be writing regular updates about our performance about every week. So keep your eyes peeled.

We’ve got some excellent players on our team, especially Mark96, who has scored nearly every single goal for the team! But of course he wouldn’t have been able to do it without his Play Maker! We’ve really put in a team effort in these games and we’ve done a fantastic job so far. We’re not just a group of skilled individuals we are a team!

Video Of The Week:

Mark96 really saved our bacon with this fantastic OT goal. This was against Villa Allstars and won us the game!

Check back next week for more information about our NHL 09 campaign!

PBC Productions? WTF?

DOUBLE YOU TEE EFF? Who are these douches?

I was watching some videos on youtube. To be exact I was watching a guy called Zero9Teen play Kirby (link if you’re interested), he mentioned about someone called ‘Little Miss Gamer’. He then said that if you don’t know who she is you should check her out.. So I opened google in a new tab and googled it. I found her youtube channel and was shocked to find that she belonged to a channel called PBC Productions.

These guys have only been around since Janurary 2007. They basically make videos, shorts, game reviews, and all that sort of stuff.

From thier about page:

Demand for quality videos on the internet is growing exponentially! PBC Productions, based out of NYC, is a pioneer in distributing higher-quality internet TV. PBC’s first live-action series, The New Adventures of Captain S, combines the nostalgia of video games, Saturday morning cartoons, and popular late 80s/early 90s sitcoms – with explosively entertaining results! Since launching in January 2007, PBC has released a new video every single Friday, compiling a catalog of compelling documentaries, humorous shorts, and fun video game reviews. Specializing in subculture from anime to video games and from puppetry to nerdcore, PBC’s passions create programming to entertain and educate.

We’ve been around longer. I’m not happy about them stealing our name! I can’t even find out what they use PBC to stand for? It better not be Piercing Bullets Clan or i’m seriously gonna be pissed.


I think we should sue!

Thier website:


PB Mug [Small]

That’s right you can now visit our newly opened store by clicking the link titled ‘Store’ above.

We have many products at extremely reasonable prices! However some products may be set to change shortly so keep checking up on the blog!

So get in there, take a look around, give us some feedback, and spend spend spend on that PB thong you always wanted!

4 Years of Piercing Bullets

So today’s our 4 year anniversary and to celebrate i’ve created a HALO 3 MAP! to mark the occasion:

You can download the map from my fileshare by clicking HERE


Now we were going to hold a gaming night to celebrate, but being as we’re going to be playing in the tournament over at MSXBW this saturday, this is no longer happening.

This last year has been slow and we haven’t achieved as much as we have in previous years, but this is all going to change in the coming months. We have something very special going on in our team, we have fantastic members with skill, but most importantly we’re all dedicated people, we put our best into everything we attempt. We’re loyal to the people around us and have built up a strong friendship in the past 4 years, and for this we should be proud.

We’re the greatest team in existence, not because of our skill, but because of our friendship!

I’m honoured to have you all in our team, and priviledged to have your friendship.

Happy Birthday guys!!

– Rikoshay

4 Year Anniversary on 16th July 2008

Not too far away now guys! It’ll be four years on the 16th July ’08

I feel like we should do something special! Give me suggestions!


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