The Piercing Bullets are an Xbox Live online gaming team. We get together and play competetively against other teams over the Xbox Live online gaming service. We mainly play First Person and Third Person Shooters such as Halo, Gears of War and Saints Row.


The Piercing Bullets was formed in 2004 by Dean Griffin (Who goes under the gamertag Rikoshay). The game the Piercing Bullets started out playing on was Halo 2 on the origional Xbox where we used the in-game matchmaking options to play other clans. The first recruits of the Piercing Bullets were Mark96, SYPhill and RAYDAR27. The clan then grew and contunued to play Halo 2 until the Xbox360 was launched.
Once the Xbox360 was launched we were all excited to carry on with the team and play some new games on the Xbox360, that however was not the case and there was a no matches played for quite a long time, however the clan still played games together but not competitively against other teams. Once the game Saints Row was released there was a small comeback for the Piercing Bullets and the team achieved the highly respectable place of No.7 on the ingame leaderboard (which had about 80,000 participants). Once gameplay stopped on Saints Row there was yet another long break until another Xbox360 killer app was released, Gears of War. Gears of War was the first game on the console that really kicked off and is still one of the most played online games on the Xbox360. At the time Gears of War was released the team discovered GameBattles, an online leaderboard website for gaming. On the website we were able to find matches with ease and played many competitive matches on Gears of War. Again after gameplay stopped on Gears of War there was yet another break from competitive gaming, which now brings us to the present day.


After a short break from comptetive gaming, The Piercing Bullets are ready to make a comeback! With the release of Halo 3 on the way the clan plans to re-form and play competitively once again! We will be using GameBattles to find out matches and aim for a respectable possition on the leaderboards. The Piercing Bullets also plan on playing Call of Duty 4 and will also be using GameBattles for this game.

Expect to see great things from The Piercing Bullets in 2008!


– Rikoshay (16/19/2007)


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The Piercing Bullets

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