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A Tribute To Tomo!


Just for a laugh myself and Mark96 thought it would be funny to pay tribute to long serving team member xTOMOx, by changing out avatars to match his. You can see the results of this in the image above.


Gears Of War 2 Patch Hits!

Title update 2 for Gears Of War 2 has finally arrived addressing a number of issues with the online multiplayer. The patch seems to have fixed a huge amount of glitches and exploits which is going to make the online experience much more enjoyable again. The glitches were really starting to piss me off and I stopped playing for a while, but now I hope to play more with the arrival of this latest update.

Epic has released this list of the problems that have been addressed in Title Update 2:

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Crayon Physics Deluxe – A gorgeous little independent game

I today discovered a charming little independent game called ‘Crayon Physics Deluxe’, it’s made by Kloonigames and recently won the grand prize of the Independent Games Fesitval 2008, beating the extremely popular World Of Goo!

The game features a variety of different puzzles ranging from a bit too easy to very challenging, the concpet of the game is that you draw objects with your crayon to move the ball to collect the star.

I recorded myself playing the second island in the game to give you a general idea of what the game is all about

I seriously reccomend giving this game a purchase, it’s relaxing and really fun to play, great for unwinding after a long day

You can purchase the game or download the demo HERE

Nintendo’s ‘Kind Code’

Nintendo have today revealed a patent that was filed back in June 2008 for their interesting new gameplay system code-named ‘Kind Code’

The system is aimed at casual gamers who loose interest in a game and switch off before completion, therefore not getting the end of the story. The system will allow gamers to skip through certain parts of a game by instead viewing a pre-recorded playthrough by one of the developers, then jump back into the action whenever they see fit. The new system will also allow gamers to bring up video hints and tips whenever they’re stuck.

In a game the new play system will be broken up into 3 options:

Game: Which allows gamers to play the game normally and bring up video hints when stuck

Digest: Allows gamers to watch a pre-recorded play through and jump into the action on scenes currently being shown

Scene: Allows the player to skip to a specific scene of the game to play, similar to what we saw in Alone In The Dark

This patent is intended to allow casual gamers (n00bs) to experience the benefits of the story without actually having to play the game, basically turning it into a DVD

In my opinion this completely defeats the object of a game, you play a game for gameplay, achievement and the fun of playing a game, this patent will just end up turning ‘games’ into interactive cut-scenes removing all elements of the game!

I’m not impressed, this is taking casual gaming to the extreme, i’m not sure what to think! Only time will tell what effect this has on gaming!

What are your opinions?

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