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NHL 09 – EA Sports Hockey League [28/09/08]

There’s not really alot of an update this week. We’ve got plenty of stats to show but there’s no media this week. It’s pretty hard to get decent videos from an online game because of the replay system. The only time we can really get a decent video is if someone scores an OT goal, which hasn’t happened alot this week because we haven’t let any games get that far! We could of course pause the game and get a replay straight after a good goal, but the amount of time it takes to upload the video would definately piss the other team off, and we don’t want to be doing that!

Most of this weeks games have been played by just Rikoshay and Mark96, mainly because we’re online the most out of the team. But we’ve done really well this week, we only taken 4 loses out of 16 games which is outstanding!

As you can see from our player stats below, Mark is scoring alot of goals for the team which is excellent, you’ll notice he’s got 65 goals from 44 games. Congratulations dude, keep up the great work!




Mark96 [RW] 44 65 16 34 394
Monkey Large [RD] 12 0 7 4 128
Rikoshay [LW] 42 10 23 32 733
SYPhill [C] 13 2 11 -7 208

Unfortunately however Phill’s record has dropped alot since last week, you need to pick up the pace dude, -7 isn’t good enough!

Our game record is getting quite large now, so posting it here is going to take up alot of space on the front page, so if you want see our full game record just click over to ‘Stats‘ in the navigation bar at the top of the page. But our current overall record is now at an outstanding:


So that’s it for this week, sorry, no video of the week as previously mentioned, but hopefully by the next update we should have some great videos for you guys!


NHL 09 [Review]

EA’s latest installment in the NHL franchise has introduced some groundbreaking features, including the new ‘Be A Pro’ mode and the EA Sports Hockey League. But does the third ‘next generation’ installment really push things to the next level like EA have been claiming?

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Halo 3 Expansion Revealed – Prepare To Drop!

As some of you may know, Bungie took down their homepage again about 14 hours ago and replaced it with the countdown (again!) but this time it was able to finish and we were presented with this!

This looks like a Halo 3 expansion. I know this because this video is also available on the marketplace and in the description it says ‘Players get ready for the new Halo 3 campaign experience with this new teaser trailer. Prepare to drop’

Another thought, It would make sense if they included the six new multiplayer maps (that we saw in the achievements) with the expansion. Whatever we get i’m sure it’s going to cost around 2000+ points, but will be well worth it. After all it’s Bungie!

Thoughts? I think this is amazing and well worth waiting for that countdown to finish, but then again i’m a huge Halo-fag.


Something is happening over at

Keep your eyes peeled, it’s kicking off again.

It’s been going on since Friday, but with AU2 coming tomorrow for Halo 3 and the 25th being Halo 3’s Birthday something is sure to happen on either of these days.

Check out the latest news post on the homepage, also look at the forums associated with that page, some great theories flying around in there, and most importantly check out their Webcams!

Please remain calm!


NHL 09 – EA Sports Hockey League [19/09/08]

Yeeeeah do the Peter Griffin Bump!

I’m updating this a little early because there’s so much to get onto the site, I was frightened if I left it til Sunday the post would be too big.

It’s been an eventful week we’ve played plenty of games and really enjoyed it! However we unfortunately broke our streak almost straight after making the previous post. In fact we’ve had quite a few loses, all because of sloppy play and people not doing as they’re told. But when we concentrate, do what we’re told.. We are unstopable!, just like we’ve always been.

So, our current line-up now includes Zamboni77, i’m not going to write the list again, but we do have some player stats for you guys!




Mark96 [RW] 26 34 10 17 248
Monkey Large [RD] 9 0 7 6 109
Rikoshay [LW] 23 5 16 19 493
SYPhill [C] 8 1 7 3 122

Key: GP = Games Played, G = Goals, A = Assists

As you can see, we have clearly got a fantastic goal scorer on our team, gabbing the majority of the goals Mark96 is definately proving his worth. We’ve all been doing our part, Monkey Large is a great team player, i’ve been getting an awful lot of hits and the majority of the assists, and SYPhil.. .. Is doing good.

We have now played 24 games as a team and we’re in division 3 as I write this. Our results follow:

Opponent Score
[Data Lost] [Data Lost]
Norwegien Devils 2-1 W

Ironmen 3-2 W

Muschi 3-0 W

Villa Allstars 2-1 W

Fribourg Dragons 2-1 W

Villa Allstars 3-2 W

KaPa 1-0 W

Karlsruh Allstars 1-2 L

Sexy Party Army 0-1 L

Exeter Fury Free 3-2 W

Team Switzerland 3-1 W

KonsoliFIN 3-2 W

Suomi Ukot 5-2 W

HC Jatkoaika 1-0 W

HC Jatkoaika 2-5 L

Half Dozen Outla 0-1 L

Suomi Ukot 3-1 W

Prinessan Lilla 2-0 W

GamereactorSE 3-1 W

HC Jatkoaika 4-1 W

7 Sorters Apa 2-3 L [OT]

Not’ham Panthers 3-0 W

OVERALL: 19-4-1

We have still got a record to be jealous of, even though we have had 5 loses, we’re still climbing up the boards and rocking NHL 09. We’ve played a couple of people twice, one team, HC Jatkoaika we have played 3 times! with out last match up seeing us spank them 4-1, and thier goal was pissy and we stopped concentrating!

Video Of The Week:

Mark ‘The Bacon Saver’ Oates strikes again with this beautiful OT goal assisted by Rikoshay. Keep up the great work dude and keep putting that crumpet at the back of the net. How does he slap it like that? It’s a mystery.

Check back again next week (Or even before) for more information about our outstanding NHL 09 campaign!

UK Gets Gears Of War 2 Hardcore Pack!

Allot of us UK gamers felt a little bit cheated when it was announced that US Amazon customers would be getting thier own exclusive limited edition version of Gears 2 with a life sized Lancer!

Well now it’s been revealed that UK retailer Game Station will be getting thier own limited edition version of the game, but unlike the US customers, the UK gets a golden lancer! Sounds great, but this fucker has been priced at £129.99! The same RRP as the recently reducted Xbox Arcade!

The Gears of War 2 – Hardcore Pack includes:

Life Size gold Lancer Assault Rifle

  • 36” long
  • Weigh’s over 5 kilo’s
  • Chainsaw Sound Effect
  • Vibration Functionality

Gears of War 2 Limited Collectors Edition.

As most of you already know, when you purchase the limited edition you get the gold lancer to use online, so this is what it will most likely look like.

In my opinion this is way overpriced and looks really tacky when compared to the US lancer with the neat blood splatter. I’ll definately give this a miss, i’d much rather spend that sort of money on something i’ll enjoy like Guitar Hero World Tour! I did buy the Halo 3 legendary edition, but that was reasonably priced, it’s a stylish product and looks great next to my Elite. But what would you do with the lancer? You’d need to get some nails on the wall to mount it, and even then the gold makes it look crappy! However in it’s defence the vibration and sound effects might be cool, bit is it enough to warrant the £130 price tag? £60 more than the Halo 3 legendary? I don’t think so Tim!

Guitar Hero World Tour: Complete Track List Revealed!

The new game in the Guitar Hero series is set to feature 87 tracks on the disc, but this number is set to grow with more songs to be added via the Xbox Live Marketplace. It should be interesting to see how Activision try to compete with EA’s excellent music store on Rock Band!


Friday 12th September/… Delivering unparalleled depth and diversity featuring some of the most prolific artists of all time including Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Van Halen, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Michael Jackson and more, Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today revealed the highly-anticipated full set list for Guitar Hero World Tour, the definitive rock ‘n’ roll music videogaming experience. Spanning over 40 years of rock history and featuring 86 tracks, comprised entirely of master recordings, the game will deliver Guitar Hero fans the largest selection of on-disc music in the music-rhythm videogame genre to date.

The complete Guitar Hero World Tour on-disc set list available this autumn will include:

• 311 – “Beautiful Disaster”
• 30 Seconds To Mars – “The Kill”
• Airbourne – “Too Much Too Young”
• The Allman Brothers Band – “Ramblin’ Man”
• Anouk – “Good God”
• The Answer – “Never Too Late”
• At The Drive-In – “One Armed Scissor”
• Beastie Boys – “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”
• Beatsteaks – “Hail to the Freaks”
• Billy Idol – “Rebel Yell”
• Black Label Society – “Stillborn”
• Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Weapon of Choice”
• blink-182 – “Dammit”
• Blondie – “One Way or Another”
• Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band – “Hollywood Nights”
• Bon Jovi – “Livin’ On A Prayer”
• Bullet For My Valentine – “Scream Aim Fire”
• Coldplay – “Shiver”
• Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Up Around The Bend”
• The Cult – “Love Removal Machine”
• Dinosaur Jr. – “Feel The Pain”
• The Doors – “Love Me Two Times”
• Dream Theater – “Pull Me Under”
• The Eagles – “Hotel California”
• The Enemy – “Aggro”
• Filter – “Hey Man, Nice Shot”
• Fleetwood Mac – “Go Your Own Way”
• Foo Fighters – “Everlong”
• The Guess Who – “American Woman”
• Hush Puppies – “You’re Gonna Say Yeah!”
• Interpol – “Obstacle 1”
• Jane’s Addiction – “Mountain Song”
• Jimi Hendrix – “Purple Haze (Live)”
• Jimi Hendrix – “The Wind Cries Mary”
• Jimmy Eat World – “The Middle”
• Joe Satriani – “Satch Boogie”
• Kent – “Vinternoll2”
• Korn – “Freak On A Leash”
• Lacuna Coil – “Our Truth”
• Lenny Kravitz – “Are You Gonna Go My Way”
• Linkin Park – “What I’ve Done”
• The Living End – “Prisoner of Society”
• Los Lobos – “La Bamba”
• Lost Prophets – “Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)”
• Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Sweet Home Alabama (Live)”
• Mars Volta – “L’Via L’Viaquez”
• MC5’s Wayne Kramer – “Kick Out The Jams”
• Metallica – “Trapped Under Ice”
• Michael Jackson – “Beat It”
• Modest Mouse – “Float On”
• Motörhead – “Overkill”
• Muse – “Assassin”
• Negramaro – “Nuvole e Lenzuola”
• Nirvana – “About a Girl (Unplugged)”
• No Doubt – “Spiderwebs”
• NOFX – “Soul Doubt”
• Oasis – “Some Might Say”
• Ozzy Osbourne – “Crazy Train”
• Ozzy Osbourne – “Mr. Crowley”
• Paramore – “Misery Business”
• Pat Benatar – “Heartbreaker”
• R.E.M. – “The One I Love”
• Radio Futura – “Escuela De Calor”
• Rise Against – “Re-Education Through Labor”
• Sex Pistols – “Pretty Vacant”
• Silversun Pickups – “Lazy Eye”
• Smashing Pumpkins – “Today”
• Steely Dan – “Do It Again”
• Steve Miller Band – “The Joker”
• Sting – “Demolition Man (Live)”
• The Stone Roses – “Love Spreads”
• Stuck In The Sound – “Toy Boy”
• Sublime – “Santeria”
• Survivor – “Eye of the Tiger”
• System of a Down – “B.Y.O.B.”
• Ted Nugent – “Stranglehold”
• Ted Nugent’s Original Guitar Duel Recording
• Tokio Hotel – “Monsoon”
• Tool – “Parabola”
• Tool – “Schism”
• Tool – “Vicarious”
• Trust – “Antisocial”
• Van Halen – “Hot For Teacher”
• Willie Nelson – “On The Road Again”
• Wings – “Band on the Run”
• Zakk Wylde’s Original Guitar Duel Recording


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