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NHL 09: Be A Pro Mode

NHL 09 is not to far away now, I know it’s not an FPS and not what’s usually posted here but when watching a new trailer that arrived on the XBL marketplace this morning I learnt something awesome!

NHL 09 is now implementing a new ‘Be A Pro’ mode, which you may have seen FIFA 08, In FIFA that was all well and good, but fans of hockey and hockey games will know that you need to be doing alot more in hockey as a single player, than you do in football.

The exciting thing about this is that EA have announced that there will be a 12v12 online mode where everyone can control thier own player! NHL 09 is also allowing players to create an online team and compete against other teams online in a huge leaderboard.

This to me sounds like clan support! Something never before seen in a sports game (that I can think of).

Alot of us here at PB are fans of hockey and the NHL game, therefore we will definately be trying this feature out when the game is released on 12th September 2008.

We’ll keep you posted!


MSXBOX-World Awarded XCN Site Of The Month

Our good friends over at MSXBOX-World have been awarded with the XCN Site Of The Month Award on the newly designed comunity page!

You can view the page by clicking HERE.

I think everyone will agree that this is a massive boost for the team at MSXBW, they all put in alot of effort into providing an excellent service for it’s users, offering unique services such as thier Instant Win competitions and Gaming Nights. The forums on the website are full of polite and intelignet 360 users with interesting threads to read and reply to. MSXBW excel at providing excellent reviews and previews that cover everything that the reader wants to know!

Congratulations MSXBOX-World, you guys earned it!


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