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GTA4 – 2 Days

Only 2 more days guys!

There wont be much posted here for a little while. But expect some clan news and GTA4 impressions shortly after the game is released!

Could GTA4 be good for clan matches? Will this be PB’s new Saints Row?

We’ll let you know!




(The best place to discuss GTA4, 17 pages of info!)


MSXBW Live Event: Halo 3 – Results

The night could have gone allot better, definately very dissapointing, 16 people registered and only 7 players showed up and stuck it out.

Participating members (alongside staff XSPLINT3RX and Waynimus):


There was supposed to be 16 players!

No results were taken down due to the small turn-out, but one prize was on offer and was awarded to someone at random. Mark96 won a promotional code for the Legendary Map Pack, enabling him to download the maps free of charge, saving him 800mp.

No real serious games were played, we mainly played Forge varaints and other custom games, including a few games of Rocket Race, when we have the numbers. The night ended at around 10pm

All in all it was a fairly entertaining night, we had some laughs, just a shame that people didn’t show up. I think the main reason for this was due to the lack of prizes on offer, it’s a shame people don’t want to play for fun anymore!

Congratulations to Mark, and let’s hope the next gaming night goes allot better.

Rikoshay’s GTA4 Prank

Oh my good lord I wasn’t expecting it to go this far!

I do all of my gaming related shopping with a friend who owns an independant game store. I walk in one day to return some of my rentals and he just had the guy from Rockstar pay him a visit. He had a bunch of posters and stuff and told me to help myself (like he usually does). He then shows me the GTA4 display cases he was given.

I was taking a look and couldn’t belive how stunning it was, the text was embossed and the artwork was gorgeous. I asked if I could pinch one of the display cases off him, just to show a few friends and wind them up a bit. He had no problem so off I went with the case.

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Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack: Review

The Legendary Map Pack has just been released on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points. The pack includes 3 new maps for use on Xbox Live. Blackout, Avalanche and Ghost Town. Also included is brand new Forge objects and a new option to change the lighting effects on the map!

The last set of maps released weren’t too flash, nothing special and most people waited until the content was available to download for free. So should you pay for this map pack? Is it worth the 800 Microsoft Points price tag? (roughly £7).

I was lucky enough to find a few people (12) who have downloaded the maps so I have played them enough to give a good opinion.

More after the jump!

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MSXBW Live Event: Halo 3

It’s that time of the month again! The lovely chappies over at MSXBOX-World are another gaming night, this time on Halo 3.

I’m expecting ALL team members to make an appearance, there are NO excuses!

From MSXBOX-World:

We return to Halo 3 for our next Xbox LIVE Gaming Event, scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 26th from 7p.m.

This event is open to all of our forum members, as per usual post here stating that you want to take part, we look forward to gaming with you all again.
Members who are not from the UK should check the Time Zone Converter to ensure they are ready to join at the correct time.
Convert Time Here

Please make sure you have downloaded the now FREE Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack, before the event takes place.

Registering for the event could not be easier! All you need to do is make a post in THIS THREAD.

If you haven’t registered to use the forums yet (all of you should have done by now!) you can register by clicking HERE. Once registered you can then post in the thread!

Hope to see you all there!

Expect results to be posted here after the game is played.


Why is it when I saw this advert I instantly thought of Erdal

Sorry dude:


(Had to be done)

How to have fun online: Condemned 2

So you’ve just bought Condemned 2: Bloodshot. You love the single player game, you think the gameplay is superb and you’re scaring yourself shitless!

Then you decide to take it online, get a couple of achievements. But you find the multiplayer experience is terrible, incredibly boring and no fun what-so-ever!

“How do I make it more fun?” xTOMOx and I (Rikoshay) have the answer.

It’s called ‘Brick biting’. You find yourself a brick, lean right back and throw it up in the air. You then attempt to catch the brick with your teeth. You and your friend then laugh and take pictures!!

Watch this video and xTOMOx will show you how it’s done:

Another way to get a few giggles is to run up to your friend, lean right back, and start punching the air. It will look like your doing a celebratory jig and your friend will urinate himself with glee.

Experiment a bit and get back to me with your results!

So there you have it! Your online experience has been vastly improved and the game lifespan has been extended by at least an hour!


– Rikoshay

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