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Tiny Update

This is a really small update just to keep you guys in the loop.

Clan matches haven’t been played in quite some time and there is a reason for this. I will not go into detail now but all will become clear soon.

Regarding the PB presitge competition, it will be updated mid-week most likely on Wednesday. Sorry for the delay.

I’ll speak to you all on Live!

– Rikoshay

(Don’t worry, the clan is not liquidating or anything major like that, so keep your socks on) 


MSXBW Live Event: Call of Duty 4 RESULTS

As mentioned in a previous post, our friends over at MSXBOX-WORLD hosted another of thier fantastic gaming nights. The night was an overall sucess and had the biggest turn out of any of thier gaming night. The whole night ran smoothly and was a good laugh.

Unfortuantely only two PB members were able to participate, Myself (Rikoshay) and xTOMOx. We both took a laid back attitude to the game, drinking and just generally having a laugh, we both still managed to scoop some small prizes claiming one game each!

MadAd6, a member of SAMT managed to win first prize and got himself 1 Xbox 360 game & 3 Xbox orginals! So congratualtions to MadAd.

The full results post can be found after the jump

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PB Prestige Competition – Week THREE

The week we have two people who have finished and one clear leader! I took down everyones latest scores today at 00:30 (Saturday 15th March 08)

The latest results are:

Rank: 37
Time Taken: 11hours 36mins

Finishing Time: 1day 5hours 6mins
Second Attempt:
Rank: 7
Time Taken: 41mins

Finishing Time: 1day 2hours 53mins
Second Attempt:
Rank: 46
Time Taken: 18hours 21mins

Rank: 17
Time Taken: 2hours 20mins

So as you can see, Erdal is now a our clear leader with just 2 hours separating him from Tomo! Both player are now on their second attempt and anything could happen!

The competition will close once each participant has gone through prestige at least once, within reason. If the competition carries on too long and the remaining participants exceed the time to beat, they will be given a DNF and the person with the leading score will be crowned champion!

Congratulations to Erdal for setting the highest score and best of luck to everyone!

Big Big Balls

We have just added a new media flash widget which can be located on the right sidebar titled ‘PB Media’

Included is a handful of PB pictures along with some easy listening, one song of which I belive to be very relevant to the team and it’s members is ‘Big big big da balls’ Be sure to have a listen!

Some new pictures coming soon, including more T-Shirt designs and more personalised clan goodies!

I’ll keep you posted!

– Rikoshay

MSXBW Live Event: Call Of Duty 4


It’s that time again! The lovely people over at MSXbox-World are holding another Call Of Duty 4 gaming night after the sucess of the previous one!

The event will take place on Saturday March 22nd 2008
The time that play will comence is still being discussed along with the game-types and other fine details, so to get involved and register your interest head over to THIS THREAD

Should be a good laugh, I’m sure most of our residents will be joining in on the fun! 3 Staff members from MSXBW will also be participating, including Gears of Whore – Waynimus, LeeMan and the legendary CrimsonSlam!

They are also offering up a couple of prizes, which confused me a bit!? They are all Activision titles and strange ones at that!

Shrek Super slam
Pro BMX 2
Wrath Unleashed
True Crime NYC x 3
Over the Hedge
Greg Hastings Paintball
Star Wars Battlefront
Tony Hawks American Wasteland
Battlefront II
Spiderman 2
Xmen Legends
Cabelas Dangerous Hunts
Doom ressurection of Evil
Fantastic 4

(Most of those are Xbox Originals!)

It’s also stated that some mystery prizes will be offered after that dust settles.

So head over to the forums and register your interest on the thread! We have 2 weeks til it kicks off which is plenty of time for us all to brush up our CoD4 skills

PB Prestige Competition – Week TWO

So this week Mark96 has joined in on the leaderboard, I took down everyones latest times today at 12:15pm (Friday 7th March o8)

The latest results are:

Rank: 34
Time Taken: 9hours 55mins

Rank: 51
Time Taken: 22hours 43mins

Rank: 49
Time Taken: 19hours 41mins

Rank: 17
Time Taken: 2hours 20mins

Not quite sure what to make of that!? Tomo and Erdal should be all done by next week, at first glance again, it looks like erdal could be winning, but it’s very hard to tell. Next week we should have a clear leader.

Best of luck to everyone and congratulations on your times!

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