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PB Prestige Competition – Week ONE

So I took down everyone’s latest time played today at 4pm (Friday 29th Feburary 08)

The latest results are:

Rank: 25
Time taken: 5hours 45mins

Rank: 33
Time taken: 9hours 27mins

Rank: 32
Time taken: 7hours 3mins

So at first glance it seems Erdal is winning, but that can all change on those final tricky ranks!

Next update will be Friday 7th March ’08 (Next week). By then Mark96 should be joining in the fun as he is just about to go around again!

If anyone reaches thier next prestige by next week remember you MUST stop playing at rank 1 so that Rikoshay can see your rank. If you do continue to play you will still be adding on time and you will be putting yourself at a disadvantage. So remember to stop and message Rikoshay when you are done so he can jot down your time asap!

Good luck to everyone and keep up the great work!


New Banner!

I recently started fiddling with Photoshop CS3, just generally manipulating images and what not, and I thought about our lousy, plain and frankly boring banner.

So I started to play, and voila! We now have a new banner!

It’s definitely not plain and definitely not boring, we now have a lovely pimped banner.

I used a screen-shot I took of myself on Halo 3 and cut out the background, I then downloaded a new font for the text, and I thought it would be a good idea to include everyones gamercards in there aswell, to add a personal touch! It still looked a bit boring so I whacked the famous logo in the background! Snazzy eh?

I’m pleased with it, and more so pleased with myself! But what do you think of it? Honest opinions please, it can easily be changed if you think something should be included/taken out! So let me know on Live when I speak to you all!

Expect a new logo including the new font shortly, I want your opinions first!

Hope you like it, hugs and kisses

– Rikoshay

Halo 3 European Championships

The Halo 3 European Championships is sponsored by Samsung and runs from March 18-30. In this time participants just simply need to rank up in the new playlist which will be introduced on March 18. To enter you simply need to download the Halo 3 gamerpicture and theme found in the Samsung category of the marketplace.

The full press release afer the jump

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PB Prestige Competiton

As a small incentive for some of our members to keep playing Call Of Duty 4, I thought it would be a good idea to start a friendly competiton. The idea is to see how fast each member can make the next prestige rank. Simple!

So here’s how it works, when a member is about to go around prestige mode, thier total time played is logged. Once they have leveled up and are ready to go around again thier total play time is recorded again. The time taken to complete prestige mode is then calculated and added to the score board which will be in the right column shortly! Every Saturday the leaderboard will be updated with everyones rank and latest times!

Currently only 3 members are participating with more to come soon! This competiton could go on for a little while, but that’s no problem. If the competition is still running and a member has completed presitge mode again and beaten thier previous time, then it will be updated on the leaderboard.

The prize for winning will be a copy of either Battlestations Midway or Clive Barkers Jericho, depending on the winner’s choice. The winner can also choose to have to copy signed by myself with some doodles on it!

3 members have just started prestige mode and thier times have been logged at the begining of thier run:

The 3 members currently particapting are:
Rikoshay – 4days 4hours 15mins
– 7days 14hours 47mins
– 9day 9hours 50mins

Every week each players current score will be updated and new participants can be added.

If anyone has any questions, then please message me on XBL or MSN

Good luck to everyone and i’ll see you all on Live!


So i’m playing Gears of War Co-Op with Wayne, a staff member at MSXBOX-World.. When this happens:

It’s 1am and i’m playing Gears co-op with my buddy Wayne.. We are on the section where the kryl are coming out and you have to push the flaming car down the hill.. We proceed to fight off the locust.. I’m taking cover behing the burning car, and when we killed all the locust, the car flew up into the air and started spinning!!

The quality on this video is terrible, it was shot with my mobile phone, I just grabbed it and hit record =P

After this, loads of strange stuff kept happening, planks were doing the same thing along wiht other objects.. I think my copy of Gears is possesed!!


Strange right?

Discuss in MSXBOX-World Forums!

XBL Trash: Omidio

Do you remember a time when XBL first started? When everyone was pleased to be talking to each other, before all the trash talk and idiots, it was a friendly and enjoyable activity playing on XBL. 3 years on, and things are very different, you can’t go one night without some idiot trying to start a riot. We here at PB are getting sick of it.

Wilst we were playing Call of Duty 4 on xbox live, we enocountered some west london rude boy scum mouthing off to everyone, we obviously told him to shut up, as you do, but that induced this vulgar and highly offensive rant. I grabed my phone and recorded what was being said and uploaded it to youtube:

This is disgusting, the fellow involved is known as “omidio”. In a bid to stop this vulgar and disgusting behaviour over XBL we are going to try and name and shame most people who do this sort of crap!

Feel free to send this idiot XBL messages, let him know what you think!

I have forwarded the recording to Xbox Customer Support in hope of getting rid of this idiot from XBL.

We shouldn’t take crap from these people, they are doing it because they can get away with it, which is very wrong. So let’s hit them where it hurts in a attempt to rid these fuckers from our XBL.

More information to be given soon.


As most of you know, in the new Turok game, you can use the bow to pin enemies against the wall, which does look very funny.

Well Tomo, our resident god managed to place an excellent shot on 3 people! Pinning them all against the wall in a line!

We have a picture, and it simply had to be shared:

Great job Tomo!

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