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PB vs. eXecution Match Report

Oh good god!

Now that wasn’t very fun! I’m going to make this quick, no frilly pictures and lovely looking pages =(


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PB vs. eXecution details

With the match date drawing closer here are some details on the game, the line-up will not be revealed until the match report:

The game to be played is Call of Duty 4

This match will count towards the GB ladder

Currently eXecution have won 24 lost 4 and are on a 2 loss streak. The are currently placed 50th on the GB ladder.
Team Website GB Stats

Date & Time: Thu 31 Jan 2008, 7:30 PM GMT
Best of: 5
Players: 4 vs 4
Radar Always On: Disabled
Allow Perks: Enabled
Allow Air Support: Enabled
Score to Win (Team Deathmatch): 750
Grenade Launchers: Do Not Allow

Game 1: Search & Destroy – Vacant

Game 2: Domination – Showdown

Game 3: Team Deathmatch – Pipeline

Game 4: Sabotage – Bog

Game 5 : Sabotage – Vacant (May be changed due to duplicate map)

This could be a tough on lads, I don’t have alot of information on this team so don’t expect this to be a walk over. Expect a full match report after the games are played on Thursday.

Oh Volde Volde Volde


Seems the dark lord saw my posts about him and TC? He recently posted a comment on one of our posts, and he was very polite, a change from his XBL messages stating that “I am a cock” For removing him from my friends list. The message reads:

Betterthanyou | fuckmyass@yourmother.orgasm | IP: (Ill leave this out for you Volde)

I randomly found your site and just as a fun piece of trivia, i recently played with lordvoldemort1 and tomo on CoD4.

Tomo is an ok player, nothing special. Voldemort however is growing into a formidable player.

I think your little bulletin is unprofesional and highly conceited for such an elitish lacking clan. Maybe i could have a box of tampons emailed to you?

Jan 26, 2:22 AM

How do I know this was Mr. V? What he seemed to forget is that I study IT and those comments leave his IP address, using my personal methods and websites I have found out that that IP belongs to LordVoldewank.

Please Volders, don’t be bitter? You were removed from my friends list when I had a clean up, and so was Milky and Sparky, when was the last time we all played together? You all drifted away and I was never going to play with you again, therfore what was the point of you being on my list?

Volde, next time you want to swan off to another clan, it’s good manners to let your ‘friends’ know that you will be leaving and letting us know why!, you wouldn’t quit your job without telling your boss would you? It would have been nice for you to show us just that ounce of respect!

Volde, you’re not l33t, you were one of the lowest skilled in PB when compared to myself, tomo, mark and leon.

In other news.. We have a CoD4 clan match on Thursday 31st Jan @ 7:30pm Everyone expected to play will be informed soon. We are playing eXecution Who have currently won 20 and lost 2 on the GB leaderboard. You can find thier stats HERE

That is all!

– Rikoshay

P.S A box of tampons would be lovely please Volde!

Here we go!

Challenges are being made!

Hopefully this year we will have more luck of finding a game!

Are people scared of us?

Expect info on clan matches very soon!

(As long as all goes well!)

Guess who this is! lol

Betrayal Train!

First post of the new year, so I hope everone had a happy Christmas & New Year!

For this reason it is a shame to make the first post about bad news.

Seems as though we have some clan traitors, 3 guys have crossed over to the darkside, LordVoldermort1, milkyBARRkid and Roland Sparkit.

As most of you know, these guys were back-up players, they would only be invited to clan matches if a main team member was unable to attend, this was due to thier lack of skill compared to other players. This was the reason they left. They have joined a team called Total Confusion (TC) where they will be able to play games on a regular basis. In some ways this is fair enough, but that fact that no other members were informed of thier departure, kind of ticked me off! It’s common courtesy guys! I thought you were better than that. The three ex-members have now been removed from the roster and recruiting for a new back-up squad will be going ahead in the coming months, we however will not be offering trials to anyone, the new squad will be hand picked, so please, do not keep asking for a trial!

In other news, clan matches! We hope to start playing CoD4 clan matches and Halo 3 matches again very soon, by Feburary at the latest, things are a bit mad in everones personal lives at the moment, with work and college for most members, so as soon as things start going smoothly, we will beging our new season! More information on clan mathes will be posted ASAP.

So i’ll leave you with 2 pictures that hopefully will give you all a chuckle.. TC pssh, they suck, and if you join them! you’re a n00b!

– Rikoshay


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