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No clan match this week + Something cool!

Although I have been trying my hardest, challenging people left right and centre, it seems as though no-one wants to play us!

I have not been able to arrange a match this week, so therefore there will not be one until next Tuesday. I’ll keep you all updated on how that goes.

On a brighter note!

Check out these really cool pictures I made !! I used the Forge map editor on Halo3 and spawned a bunch of weapons on the beach in Last Resort/Zanzibar. Then I arranged them to look like this! Pretty neato huh?

More of these pictures can be found on the Piercing Bullets Picasa WebAlbum

That’s about all that needs to be said, Keep checking back as usual.


The Piercing Bullets vs. The Gaffers

Well that was a funny old game!

At first I really enjoyed the game, but the mood went bitter and tense after the first game, which was a shame, The Gaffers got very wound up and, to be honest, I don’t blame them. But hey it’s a clan match, the mood is supposed to be tense and bitter!

We decided not to play the MLG generated maps we were given and we took it in turns in picking maps and variants.

Here are the results:

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The Gaffers

The ‘First Halo 3 Clan Match’ didn’t go so well, being as our opponents backed out, so I sent another challenge, but this time, to a team we already knew. The team we challenged was The Gaffers, The Gaffers also use the forums over at MSXBOX-World and they also have thier own clan section, being as we are the only two clans using the website, I have always thought it would be fun to have a clan match sometime.
Well now, we are!!

On Tuesday 23rd October 2007 at 7:30pm BST, The Piercing Bullets will be playing a clan match against The Gaffers. The game will be Halo 3 (obviously) and the game will count towards our GameBattles ranks, although I expect the general mood to the game will be competetive, yet relaxed.

The game will, yet again, be best of 9 and the maps and variants are:

Game 1 Map:The Pit – Team Oddball
Game 2 Map:The Pit – Multi Flag
Game 3 Map:Isolation – Team Slayer
Game 4 Map:Narrows – Team Slayer
Game 5 Map:Narrows – Multi Flag
Game 6 Map:Construct – Team Slayer
Game 7 Map:Guardian – Team King
Game 8 Map:Isolation – Multi Flag
Game 9 Map:Guardian – Team Oddball

For more information on the match you can click HERE

For more information on The Gaffers you can view thier GameBattles Stats Page by clicking HERE or you can visit thier forum section on MSXbox-World by clicking HERE

And also, a thread has been made on MSXbox-World to discuss the upcoming match, and that can be viewed by clicking HERE

Keep checking back for more information, and expect a full match report along with screenshots after the match has been played!

The Piercing Bullets vs. xSiK GaMinGx

Unfortunately this game was not played!

xSiK GaMinGx pulled out at the last minute. The reason they gave is that they ‘are disbanding the Halo 3 clan’ and ‘focusing on Gears of War’.

This is a shame, I know myself and all the other guys due to play tonight were really looking forward to our first competetive Halo 3 clan match.

For what it’s worth, the line-up was going to be:


At least the guys reported thier loss and we ‘won’ 5-0, which gave us a nice bit of exp to get started with. We are now rank #28 on the GB Halo 3 Clan (EU) Ladder. (all stats can be found in the ‘stats’ section of the site)

I’ll be putting in a few more challenges for a game next week, keep checking back here for more information.

– Rikoshay

The First Halo 3 Clan Match!

Ok, It took a little while but someone has finally accepted a challenge.

On Tuesday 16th Oct at 7:30pm (BST) we will be playing xSiKx GaMinGx

It will be a best of 9 game, the maps and variants were randomly generated when the challenge was accepted, I can now confirm that the maps and variants played will be:

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Team Photo

Most of you guys heard about us taking a team photo due to the message sent out over Xbox Live, thank you to everybody who showed up but unfortunately we had some difficulties and couldn’t take a full team photo. However we did manage to take one photo and here it is (click to enlarge):

(From left to right, Crouching=Rikoshay, LCDking. Side of warthog=LordVoldemort1, Raydar27. On top of warthog=SYPhill, xTOMOx)

Being as we would like to take more screenshots and have a full team photo, we will be re-arranging a screenshot night very shortly so keep your eyes peeled for a message on Xbox Live from me regarding the date and time, hopefully everyone will be able to make it!.

Clan Match Challenges

Just sent out a few clan match challenges for Halo 3, As soon as someone accepts i’ll let you all know.

The date I am aiming for is Tuesday October 9th @ 7:30pm (BST/GMT)

The game will be 4v4 and best of 9, and all of the challenges I have made are at guys near the bottom of the table, just to break us in.

Fingers crossed someone accepts soon and I can update you guys!


Turns out we I made a bit of a boo boo. Turns out all this time we were enroled onto the US section of the GameBattles Halo 3 team leaderboard, which would explain why none of our challenges were being accepted. Don’t worry though! It’s all sorted now, we are now on the EU section and all the links on this site have been updated so we’re good to go! I will make some more challenges for next Tuesday night @ 7:30pm again! so keep a look out for info. Sorry for the error everyone, things should get on track now!


These are the rules we will have to apply in our clan matches, so we need to get used to these again!:

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