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There’s a gypsy on the wall!

Halo 3 has been released!, and we have been having lots of fun with it! So just to keep you all updated here’s what’s going down in crazy town!

I know in the last post I mentioned about posting my legendary edition unboxing video, unfortuantely that’s not going to happen, I didn’t bother to record it! I was so excited I really couldn’t be bothered to be faffin’ about with the camera, I just wanted to get down and dirty with the Chief! I did however take a quick photo, so here that is:


We have been playing Halo 3 ALOT!, everyone has been online! I don’t think I have ever seen so many people online at the same time, playing the same game. We have been playing as a clan frequently and to be quite honest, we have been hauling ass!
We are still not compltely settled into the game yet, but once we are, we will haul some ass in clan matches!

A cool little feature of Halo 3 is the Screenshot feature, where you can take screenshots from any of your saved films and upload them onto I have taken advantage of this feature and taken a couple of screenshots of us playing Halo 3, you can view these on out Picasa Web Album, you can find a link to this in the Media section.


Tomo Rikoshay Halo 3
(xTOMOx capturing the flag while Rikoshay splatters the guy shooting him)

Another cool feature of Halo is the Service record, simular to what they used in Halo 2 but with a couple of new features, you can view each individual member’s Halo 3 Service record by clicking on the link(s) on the Roster page.

That’s about it for now, we will carry on playing Halo 3, and I will continue to add more screenshots to the Picasa Web Album so keep checking back for more!

 – Rikoshay


Just a couple of things!

Hey everyone, Rikoshay here =D, Just a small update for you guys just to let you know what will be going down in the next couple of days!



Yes yes, it’s almost here! 2 more days for us here in the UK! and we are all extremely excited!
Now, due to the release of this massive game, it is highly unlikely you will see many posts from me for a couple of days.

So, first thing on the agenda, I would like to welcome back RAYDAR27!, You will notice that I left him off the roster section of the website, that’s because he betrayed us and dissapeared for an extremely long period of time. But he’s back for Halo 3 now and I am happy to add him back onto our clan roster.

Secondly, on a more personal note.. I AM GETTING A LEGENDARY EDITION OF HALO 3!, which I am very much looking forward to. A very good friend that owns a game shop has guaranteed me a legendary copy 100%, he had it delivered today (Monday) and I have it all payed for and ready to pick up on Wednesday which is excellent.. .. One problem though.. .. I have college on Wednesday.. .. 12 til 3pm =(. So my plan? I am going to pick up my legendary at 9am sharp Wednesday and I am going to video myself unboxing it and upload it onto youtube! =D I’m not actualy going to play the game at 9am, I am going to wait until I get home for college, so it is likely that I will unbox it in the morning just to have a look, upload the video onto youtube (just to get it out of the way) and then go to college.

So I think that’s about it! Look for a post on here Wednesday morning containing a link to my unboxing video =)

I look forward to seeing you all on Halo 3, keep an eye out for clan updates in the next week or so !!

Farewell to Halo 2

 Farwell Halo 2

As the launch of the much anticipated game Halo 3 draws closer, it’s time to say goodbye to the classic game Halo 2.

Our buddys over at MSXBOX-World will be holding a special gamer’s weekend to say farewell to the Halo 2. Most of The Piercing Bullets will be participating in this event and it should be a good laugh as we bid farewell to this outstanding game.

With a bit of luck, LCDking will be able to record a few of the games we play and upload them onto YouTube, if so, expect to see a few videos and a brief match report after the games are played this weekend.

For more information on the Halo 2 Farewell night please click HERE

Check back here for more updates!



The Piercing Bullets Cometh!!

Check out the new trailer for our upcoming return to competetive clan matches!


Piercing Bullets will fly!

The new clan logo?

Just a quick one!.. 

Remember in the last post I made I mentioned about how the clan logo will probably change? Well I just changed it, and I think it looks quite snazzy =D

You can see the new logo at the top of the page, it’s a bullet piercing an Xbox360 (get it!)

Images of the new logos and forum sigs are now in the ‘Media’ section of the website, feel free to download them!

But what do you guys think of the new logo? Let me know, I value your opinion =)

That is all!

– Rikoshay

So what’s the plan?

360Yes, it has been a long time, and yes, we have moved (again). But this time we’re back for good!

So what’s the deal? Where have we been?.. Patience my child, the ressurection of the Piercing Bullets cometh!

As most of you know, we have played very little games this year, which is a shame, but that is all set to change.

In 2008 be prepared, The Piercing Bullets are coming back, with avengance!

So as every gamer knows HALO 3 is released on 26th September 2007, this is where you will see the PBC’s comeback in a major way, in 2008 once we get settled in we will be hoping to start some clan matches and earn a respectable possition on the GameBattles leaderboard. We have a Halo 3 profile already set up on GameBattles so we’re all set for when this game launches!

Also as most people know Call Of Duty 4 is due for release in November 2007, We have been playing in the BETA for about a week now and we all love it! This will certainly be another game we will play clan matches on!

We’re hoping to get this show on the road some time after Christmas once we get settled into the games (Halo 3 and CoD4)

So don’t expect loads of posts and news between now and Christmas, there may be a few, but not masses of them. Lots of posts however will be made in 2008 once we’re rolling!

So in the meantime, what do you think of the logo? crap right? we really need to get that sorted and we will before we kick off again, so keep checking back, we will have a new logo soon, a proper one that doesnt suck! =P

So yes, I think that is all for now, if I can think of anything else i’ll stick it up here later.

Thanks for reading!

– Rikoshay

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